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"When you see it waving, you know you're home.

No matter where it's at, you know you're home."

-Sibby Lebeau, WWII US Navy

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Kelly Hoskins, Board Chairman

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48 STARS Team

Shawn Concannon
Creator & Director

Shawn Concannon, formerly Shawn Schmidt, practiced holistic health care for 35 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic. His health clinic consulted and empowered more than 22,000 patients to live a healthier and more fulfilling life by utilizing both cutting edge and ancient healing modalities.

He was a seasoned world traveler, lectured at national professional colleges and medical schools, appeared on all forms of news media, hosted a radio show on health and wellness, and was a published columnist and writer for multiple magazines and publications.

Aside from health care, he was the owner/driver of the professional Red Shark Racing team.  His team competed seven years in the Indy Car racing circuit and four years in the 360 Winged Sprint cars across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Deeply moved by the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, Dr. Shawn volunteered at 'Ground Zero' in New York City.  He provided on-site chiropractic care at St. Paul's Chapel for the First Responders over the 2001 holiday season.

On January 26, 2019 Shawn passed away.  His life's work, passion for health and wellness, memories, and dedication to 48 STARS will continue, however, through the hundreds of lives he touched over his own lifetime.

The 48 STARS team proudly takes the baton of this important project, and drives forward to complete the documentary in Shawn's vision.

Jill Anderson
Co-Director & Creative Editor

I met Shawn Concannon in early 2014. Shortly after we became acquainted, he approached me about joining his 48 STARS project as Music Director.  I became increasingly more involved in all aspects of this exciting project over time as my interest grew.

In our search, we found remarkable stories, memories and impressions. We have found people for whom the war was a thing of the past, their memories of it nostalgic and distant. For others, war experiences still haunt and torment them well into their 90s. Some of our interviewees drew powerful conclusions from what they experienced and moved forward into the future with strong convictions to change the status quo. Their efforts, in some cases, contributed to major social changes in America.

I have been deeply touched by our interviewees’ trust in us. When you sit face-to-face with real veterans and others of the WWII era and listen to their authentic stories and thoughts, all pre-conceived ideas about “The Greatest Generation” or “honor and glory” fall away. What replaces them is deeply personal truth – plain, vulnerable, human truth from each unique perspective. Things don’t turn out as you expect, answers aren’t convenient, morality is never uncomplicated and that is the only way the human story can be told.


They have trusted us as we have entered their homes and asked them about some of the most intimate details of their lives. And then, the greatest trust of all – they have trusted us to tell their stories with respect and artistry. I feel true gratitude for all they have shared with us. For me, those who allowed us not only into their homes, but into their hearts and minds, are the reason and the root of this creative endeavor. Without their openness and trust, 48 STARS would not be possible.

Jill Anderson

48 STARS Co-Director/Music Director

Aaron Zavitz
Creative Editor

Aaron Zavitz has a B.A. in Fine Arts/Dramatic Arts from University of Nebraska-Omaha and has acted professionally in such venues as the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, Blue Barn Theatre, Aspen Theatre in the Park and Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre (Shining City, Doubt ,The Odd Couple, and The Faith Healer) as well as in the full length feature film, Tully. He is a playwright with two short pieces performed by the Shelterbelt Theatre. His play Tour of the Well Kept House received a staged reading at the 2007 Great Plains Theatre Conference and was critiqued by Edward Albee, Arthur Kopit and Romulus Linney. He received the Nebraska Arts Council (NAC) Distinguished Individual Artist Fellowship for Playwriting in 2008, and a second NAC Individual Artist Fellowship Merit Award grant in 2011. His full length play Intelligentsia premiered at The Shelterbelt Theater in 2012. He is President of The Silver Screen, Inc., artistic event videography company and thinkMOTION, a commercial film and photography company. As co-founder of Hunger Artist Films, he co-wrote and co-directed ‘Julien’, ‘i.d.’, ‘No Outlet’, and ‘Taken’, which all received local notoriety and ‘Taken’ received a national award with Sony/Videomaker Magazine. Aaron was the Director of Photography for the full length film directed by his wife Molly, In Silence and Tears which premiered at Film Streams as part of a Nebraska filmmaking showcase. He co-wrote and directed ‘The Fixer’ which received a cinematography award from Death Grip Electric as well as receiving best Nebraska short film at the Omaha Film Festival. ‘The Fixer’ was also runner up in the Action On International Film Festival in Los Angeles.  Besides acting, playwriting and film, Aaron loves more being with his beautiful family; his wife and creative partner and his two young imaginative children.

Sydney Edens
Marketing & Outreach


-Marketing - social media manager

-Website design

-Writes about our 48 Stars

Ebrahim Abdulsattar


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